Springhill Trailblazers Map

Our club is centered by the town of East Selkirk at Highway 435, in the beautiful and welcoming RM of St. Clements. Our trail system commitment starts at the junction of Highway 59 at Springhill Winter Park ski hill running north along the east side of the Floodway, to the town of Lockport and all the way along the east and west sides of Highway 59 from Kirkness Road north to South Beach Casino.  Please note that it is a two-way trail all along the Floodway, always stay to the right and watch for on coming sleds.

From Highway 59 we extend east into the Mars Sand Hills area along the north and south sides of Highway 317.

We also run northwest to the town of Petersfield, along Highway 4 and Highway 9 or take a scenic ride through Devils Creek to the Red River.  From Petersfield you can continue further north or head west into the Interlake area.   Please note that Devils Creek is also a two-way trail, stay right.

We are excited to announce a new trail extension of Trail 46 along the east side of the floodway from Dunning Road south to Springhill Winter Park ski hill (Hwy 59). This meets up and continues with Springfield Pathfinders and Trail 46 south. Also new, is the addition of Trail 283 north to the town of Lockport along the east side of the Floodway, ending at Hwy 44.  Please stay on marked trails when using the Floodway.

Please, for your safety and enjoyment,  always stay on the marked trails.


March 20,2022

All Trails are now closed!