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Our club provides Winnipeg and area sledders access to some of the Province’s finest snowmobiling trails. We groom approximately 200 kilometres that link up with many other top quality Eastern Manitoba region snowmobile club trails.

Centered by the City of Selkirk, our trail system begins at the junction of Highway 59 and Dunning Road on the Floodway, just south of Birds Hill Park’s West Gate entrance. Please note that this is a two-way trail only up to Kirkness Road. The trail leads north to the fabulous South Beach Casino along Highway 59. Returning from South Beach Casino, take the West side of 59 all the way back to Dunning Rd.

As you enjoy the scenic ride, please note the trail has six options from where to branch off:

  • Your first option is just a few kilometres north of the west gate entrance to Birds Hill which takes you off our trail into Birds Hill Park.
  • The next branch heads east along Highway #44 and connects to the Springfield Pathfinders’s system.
  • At Provincial Road #509 (CIL), turn west to the Red River, and end up slightly south of the City of Selkirk, where you can enjoy a picturesque ride south to Lockport or north up to Breezy Point, via the Red River.
  • Heading up Highway 59 north of Selkirk, an option is to take Highway #4 (the bridge to nowhere), turn west, cross the river and connect with Highway #9, heading north to Petersfield. This connects with the Interlake Snow Trackers’ trail system.
  • Take the west trail along Devil’s Creek (Libau Marsh Trail) to the Red River. This is a fun, winding trail ride that takes you south of Breezy Point, where you can catch Netley Creek to Petersfield.
  • At Highway #317 (Libau), we groom east until Kryschuk Trail, which is then maintained by Brokenhead Trail Blazers. Although our trail ends at the South Beach Casino, heading east on the Brokenhead River, hooks you up with Brokenhead Trailblazers’, Rabbit Creek Trail.

Wherever our trails take you, please remember to ride responsibly, dress appropriately, and respect nature, other people and their property.

Please click on Trail Map for the marked groomed trails by our club.